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TeamSculptures offers a creative visual tool for team building and corporate events. We help you envision your goals as a high-flying moving sculpture. Then we make it.


Our dynamic collaborative process enables teams to rethink ideas and strategies as they discover how the many parts of their team can become an exciting new whole.

Our interactive events at conferences provide unique engagement with employees or potential customers through a high-impact visual message.

"This is the ropes course of the new millennium."
Judy Flynn, HR director,
Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center    202-294-1178

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Privacy policy


The information that TeamSculptures receives from communicating with you is used ONLY to continue our communication with you, mostly via newsletter. We do not sell or otherwise release that information to any third party. Should you wish to be removed from our mailing list, let us know and your information will be removed and deleted.

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