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Frequently Asked Questions: Conferences and Events


Can you make a mobile at my booth at a conference?

Yes!  We decide what visual statement you want to make and what level

of interaction with participants you desire.  Then I customize the mobile-

making for you.

Can you give me an example?

For EMD Serano at the American Association of Neurologist Conference,

I created 400 pieces for the mobile in advance.  Inspired by parts of the

brain, the pieces were balanced in pairs by conference participants at

the booth.  Each pair became a part of a mobile that grew throughout

the conference.  The final product was a spectacular statement of the

company’s goal to “balance multiple sclerosis.” 

                                                                                                                                                            American Academy of Neurology, 2018  

Can you work with me to "mobilize" a session I present at a conference?

Yes!  A mobile can be created on-the-spot with pieces on which participants respond to ideas presented in the session.

Can you give me an example?

I collaborated with DC's Urban Institute for a presentation at the

Council of Foundation's National Conference.  After new research

was presented, the participants responded to the research by

writing on colorful pieces I created in advance, and then we

balanced the pieces in 18 minutes into an 80 piece mobile! 

Participants then interacted with the mobile, delighting to see

how the ideas connected and related. 


Can you make a mobile at a one or two day

training event?                                                                            

Yes! Each event is customized to your needs.   


How many people can you work with?

I can work with as few as 10 people for a half-day training event to hundreds at a conference. 


Can the mobile made at the conference or event come back to our workspace?

Depending on the scale, the mobile can be reinstalled in your workspace or perhaps divided into multiple

mobiles for different workspace locations.  


Sounds like we can envision together how this can best enliven my conference

or event, right?

Yes!  Let’s begin!

Council on Foundations Conference, 2019

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