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"Mobilize" your Message at your Conferences and Special Events

From training events, to presentations,

to large-scale conferences, we can "mobilize" your message. Kevin will customize a mobile that can be created during your session or event by your participants to animate your content in

a visually dynamic, interactive way.  

Contact TeamSculptures to begin envisioning your event, session, keynote, or energizer with Kevin.

2019: Council on Foundations Conference, Miami, FL

“How do our new findings impact your practice?” 

Professionals from the philanthropic sector responded to research presented by the Urban Institute by writing on pieces that became an 80-piece mobile during a 45-minute conference session.  The mobile provided a ‘moving,’ synergistic way to share ideas.

2018: EMD Serono booth at the American Academy of Neurology Convention, Los Angeles, CA

“How do you balance Multiple Sclerosis in your practice?” Neurologists balanced their written response with a piece in the shape of a brain chemical. That pair became part of a spectacular 400-piece mobile that grew throughout the conference.

2017: Independent Sector National Conference, Detroit MI

“What sustains you in your work?” 

Professionals from nonprofits, foundations, and corporations that advance the common good responded on pieces that were assembled into a reflective mobile that framed the entrance of the plenary sessions.

2016: International Foundation of Visual Practitioners Conference,  Arlington, VA

“What connects us as a field?”

Visual practitioners from around the world expressed their contrasts and commonalities in a mobile that was assembled as the finale of their international conference.

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