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Frequently asked questions:  Balance Point

Is this team building or art making ?

It's both.  It's experiential learning through a process that challenges

the team to think, envision, collaborate, and communicate in whole

new ways. We design the prompt for the workshop to meet your goals. 

Does the mobile have to be about ideas or

can we just have the fun of putting it together?

That’s up to you. If you want to just have the fun and challenge of working together to balance a mobile, great!  Or, if you want to use the process to more directly discover how your team connects, relates and balances, or how to unpack the "parts" of your mission, values, brand, or a new strategy, that’s great, too.  We design the experience to fit your goals.

You can do this at my company? On-site?

Yes. I come to you. Or it can at an off-site training or special event.

I have a team of 5 people.  Can you do it

with a team that small?

Five is the minimum but five is great.

I have 150 employees.  Can you do it with that

many people?

Yes we can!  All we need is a room large enough for tables and chairs

for everyone. The result at the end of the workshop is pretty spectacular!

Can the process work with people coming from

different teams or departments?

Yes! That is one of the real strengths of this process -- helping

participants see how the many parts of a team or organization

come together and balance into a whole. We design the experience

to match your desired outcomes.

Does my team need to have artistic skills?

No previous experience required!  Part of the energy and learning

comes from people who consider themselves “not good at art”

discovering new personal and team potentials.

Who supplies the materials?

TeamSculptures supplies all materials for the workshop.

What are the key differences between this and your multi-session experience?

In Balance Point the focus is on process, not on a lasting final product. While Balance Point results in a mobile that can remain as a daily reminder to apply the learning to the workplace, the multi-session experience is designed to result in a more permanent team-designed sculpture.

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