Visualize Your Mission

Team Building: Multi Session

Capture your team's goals and aspirations in a moving sculpture designed by your team.

Kevin will guide your team through multiple, collaborative team-enhancing sessions to design a high-flying mobile sculpture​.

A challenging and fun team-building process.
Our customized multi-session program yields a colorful and inspiring outcome, enhancing your team, department, or locations.

For under 30 participants

This program is ideal for 5 to 30 participants and involves four separate sessions to envision, design, shape, paint, balance, and install the mobiles.  Kevin’s skills help guide the team to create, balance and connect the mobiles.  

Four Sessions

For 30 to 60 participants

The same as the four-session with the addition of session one being spread over two days. This gives Kevin the opportunity to work with more participants to create more shapes and a larger or more mobiles. 

Five Sessions

For 60 + Participants

The same as the four-session with the addition of sessions required to involve the number of desired participants.  These customized residencies are designed to meet the goals of the company and can include creating mobiles for multiple locations.

Eight Sessions

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This is the ropes course of the new millennium.

Judie Flynn, HR Director

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