A challenging and fun team building process; 

A colorful and inspiring outcome.

Capture your team's goals and aspirations
in a moving sculpture designed by your team

Four-sessions                 Five-sessions              Eight sessions +

Under 30 participants                         30 to 60 participants                      60 participants +

Four-session TeamSculpture

For 5 to 30 participants


Session One: 

Envision, Design, Make Shapes & Choose Colors

Team question:  How do we create a moving sculpture (a mobile or series of mobiles) that reflects our corporate mission, strategy, or goals? The team explores how to make a visual statement with shape, color, and spatial relationships. The team works together to create the shapes and choose the colors.  


Session Two:

Painting Coat One & Coat Two

Team question:  How do we apply the selected colors to best express the mission, strategy, or goals?  The team explores the power of color, then paints all of the pieces. 


Session Three:

Spatial Relationships & Balancing

Team question: How do we transform the individual pieces into a dynamic whole – all balanced together?  The team decides how to connect all the pieces.  Kevin’s skills help guide the team to balance and connect them.  

Session Four:


The mobile(s) are installed in the chosen space and celebrated with an opportunity for final reflection.

Five-session TeamSculpture

For 30 to 60 participants

The same as the four-session with the addition of session one being spread over two days. This gives Kevin the opportunity to work with more participants to create more shapes and a larger or more mobiles. 


Eight session + TeamSculpture

For 60 + Participants

The same as the four-session with the addition of sessions required to involve the number of desired participants.  These customized residencies are designed to meet the goals of the company and can include creating mobiles for multiple locations.