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Balance Point

Team Building: Single Session

Balance Point is a unique visioning tool that challenges your team to connect, relate, and balance.

  • A Single Session Workshop

  • For 5 to 150 participants

Perfect for enhancing your company culture.

Balance Point team building strengthens your company culture through employee engagement, artistic design, and team collaboration.  

Interested in multi-session team building? 

Learn More. 

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Kevin introduces the basic skills of mobile making.  Then team members create pieces for a mobile in response to a theme or concept-based prompt.

IMG_1618 1500 wide.jpg

The Process

Just figuring out how to balance everything is a fun and effective team-builder.  But real learning happens when the team envisions how they want to connect their pieces. 



Finally, the team reflects on the process and what they have discovered about the idea or their team.  What skills did they need and how will those transfer to the workplace?

In larger groups, individual team mobiles can be connected and balanced into a larger mobile – an exciting grand finale!

Looking for more information?

In the space of ninety minutes, Kevin Reese put our team spirit into a perfect balance. The mobile we constructed still hangs in our office as a reminder of how our individual efforts combine in seamless execution of purpose for that perfect client experience.

Dickinsen Miller, Private Wealth Advisor

Circle in a Square Advisors of Ameriprise Financial


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