Balance Point 

A unique visioning tool that challenges your team to connect, relate, and balance.  

A single session workshop for 5 - 150 participants

Kevin introduces the basic skills of mobile making. Then team members create pieces for a mobile in response to a theme or concept-based prompt.  

IMG_1520 (1).JPG

Just figuring out how to balance everything is a fun and effective team-builder.  But real learning happens when the team envisions how they want to connect their pieces. 

  • Where do we start? 

  • What pieces are connected?

  • How are they grouped?

  • How does my piece connect to others and then to the whole?


Finally, the team reflects on the process:

  • What have we discovered about the idea/our team/ourselves?

  • What skills did we need for success?

  • How do those skills transfer to the workplace?


In larger groups, individual team mobiles can be connected and balanced into a larger mobile – an exciting grand finale!